Wanderlei after

Wanderlei an instant after being dropped by a massive counter left hook from Jackson.

The fight was the third (and possibly) final fight in the epic trio of fights between the two men. Quinton Jackson was coming off of a controversial decision loss to Forrest Griffin in which he had lost the light-heavyweight championship. He had many personal issues after that fight and before the Silva fight. Many thought that he wasn't emotionally ready for a fight with Wanderlei.

The FightEdit

The fighters came out. Jackson quickly took the center of the Octagon, throwing a wild right hand and smartly moving back. Silva circled on the inside and threw an inside leg kick. Jackson attempted an uppercut. Silva threw a combination, forcing Jackson to cover up. Silva appeared very cautious. Silva attempted to push forward, holding his hands high. Jackson went for a takedown, Silva defended it and they circled. Silva threw a leg kick and then landed a temple strike. Jackson wildly pushed forward and missed. Silva landed yet another leg kick. Silva pushed forward and Jackson caught the leg kick with his hand and landed a strike. Silva went for a jab. Jackson backed away. Jackson came over the top and knocked out Silva with a left hook to the jaw. The fight was over. Jackson had won one out of three fights, getting his revenge.