The first round began. Schaub landed an inside kick. Schaub landed a right hand just on the end of it. Browne caught a kick for a single, they stood and broke. Browne kneed the head and body, threw him aside, 4:00. Schaub landed a right uppercut and a right on the end of it. Schaub pressed in. Schaub landed a jab. Schaub landed an inside kick eating a jab. Browne cutting off the cage. 3:00. Browne defended a telegraphed single, Schaub switched to a double and got it. Browne working to stand. Schaub holding him down. Browne trying to hit a switch, standing. He did, Schaub got a trip, Browne reversed, stood, Schaub had the waist cinch, clinch. Schaub kneed the leg twice. He shoved Schaub away. 2:00. Schaub ate a big uppercut coming in, dropped, Browne landed two rights, on top in guard, side control. Schaub's hurt bad. Browne mounted. Landed a right, Schaub hip-escaped to half-guard, ate a right hammerfist. Stream froze, damn it. Alright it's back, half-guard, he's eaten a few more shots apparently, Schaub's mouth is very bloody, his face is swelling up. Browne landed a few lefts, mounted, 1:00. He has the back, both hooks, a right under. Flattened him out, rights under, more, lefts now, 35. Rights and lefts, Browne was warned several times for hitting the back of the head. Flattened him out for the third time, rights and lefts, 15. Ref stepped in with ten seconds left, nice.. He thanked Edmund Tarverdyan, who was 'the shit.' 4:50 R1.