The fight was the Bellator debut of Chael Sonnen coming off a three year layoff. The fight was to be the final fight of Tito Ortiz's storied career.

The first round began. Chael lands a leg kick. Tito lands a body kick, goes for a single, Chael thinking guillotine, sweeps rolling him, turtles him up. Possible D'arce. Yes D'arce. He tightens it. He lost it, turtles him up. Rolls for a guillotine, half-guard. Tito gave Big John the thumbs up. 4:00. Chael's working hard for it. Tito pops free. He mounts. Tito lands two left elbows, gets the back, both hooks. He works for the choke. Chael isn't even really defending, come on. Tito working for the choke. It's in. Oh come on. No way Chael gets choked out this easy. 3:00. Chael taps. Wow. Gravedigger celebration. Big John says something to Tito. It looked fixed to be honest. Has his son lay his gloves down in the cage, says it's his last time.

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