The fight was Tank Abbott's last in the UFC because of antics after the fight's cut stoppage.

The Fight[edit | edit source]

The first round began. Correira missed a leg kick. They exchanged immediately and evenly with Tank aggressive and Correira mainly defensive. Tank tried for a takedown and Correira avoided and they clinched. Correira landed some knees to the body inside. Correira landed a knee to the face and that one cut Tank on the forehead and dropped him. They stood to the clinch. Tank was wobbly. Tank landed a nice left hook inside and a right hook. Four minutes left with Correira trying for a plum. Tank landed a right hand inside. Correira landed another big knee to the face inside. Tank landed another pair of right hooks inside. They broke and exchanged and this time Correira was landing the cleaner shots. Correira landed a blocked jab. Tank landed a jab and Correira stumbled backwards. They clinched. Correira landed another knee inside. Three minutes left. Correira landed another knee. Tank's face was covered in blood. The referee stopped the fight to check Tank's cut. It was bleeding badly. The referee stopped the fight because the cut was over the right eye bleeding into the eye. Cabbage celebrated with the Cabbage patch dance tauntingly. Tank's corner was pissed off. A bottle of water was thrown into the Octagon. Tank was trying to get at Cabbage. Numerous people including Chuck Liddell leaped into the Octagon. People were holding Tank back. Chuck is holding Cabbage's team back. Joe Rogan said 'this is why MMA isn't mainstream'. He was cussing himself a lot. The crowd was cheering Tank.

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