Ufc74 5 cote vs grove 001

Grove blocking an overhand punch from Cote.

The fight pitted heavy-handed Cote against jiu-jitsu ace and Muay Thai striker Grove.

The FightEdit

The first round began. The fighters came out and touched gloves. Cote swung wildly throwing bombs but missed. They clinched quickly and Cote shoved him against the cage. Grove continuously attempted to execute a foot stomp. Around three minutes and twenty-five seconds remained when Herb Dean finally broke the clinch. Cote landed a leg kick and another and Grove landed a body kick; Cote smiled. Grove pushed forward with a combintion and another. He landed a hardcore foot stomp. Cote pushed the clinch, shoving Grove against the cage. Grove turned the clinch around and landed a few knees to the body. Cote turned the clinch around. Cote lifted Grove up and carried him towards the opposite corner of the cage. They broke the clinch, Cote catching a right. Cote landed a good right and caught one. Grove landed a hard body kick and then another. He went for the takedown, defended by Cote, and the clinch resumed. Cote landed a big right hand at fifty-four seconds remaining in the first round and Grove dropped. Cote hammerfisted, mounted and took Grove's back. The fight returned to Cote mounted and pounding Grove's undefending form. Herb Dean stopped the fight. Cote won.