Matt "The Terror" Serra is a retired former UFC welterweight champion and one of the few men to defeat Georges St. Pierre. He is also the winner of the welterweight division of the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter, which earned him the initial shot at champion St. Pierre in the first place.

Serra most recently fought Chris Lytle,in a rematch of their battle to decide the welterweight winner of the fourth season of The Ultimate Fighter. The fight was a standup war from start to finish, agreed on by both men silently before the contest began. Lytle took a bloody, dominant unanimous decision.

After the fight (in September 2010), Serra unofficially retired from the sport of mixed martial arts. He still took an inactive role as an enthusiast and fan of the sport but there was little to no chance of him returning to the Octagon as of December 2012.

Indeed Serra officially retired on May 22, 2013 -- barring an eventual UFC event in Madison Square Garden.

A little under a year later in February 2014 Serra exchanged words with former rival Matt Hughes on Twitter. The two both said they'd be willing to come out of retirement for a rematch closer to the summer of 2014.



Nickname OriginEdit

Serra: “I got that in high school, one of my buddies came up with it cause it rhymes with Serra. Guy was a real genius, I guess… haha. But its cool, it’s a little bit different then some of the other ones a lot of people use… not too many Terrors out there.”