The fight was the UFC debut of Shane Campbell, as a late replacement for Abel Trujillo.

The first round began. Campbell lands a leg kick. Another. Oh shit this is the guy that did the Kamehameha in WSOF? Campbell lands a body kick and another, slips briefly. Makdessi working a double. 4:00. Switching to a single. They break. Campbell lands a right elbow and a body kick. Campbell lands a leg kick. Makdessi's leg is welted. Another leg kick. Campbell landsa  right hook. He's a huge lightweight. Makdessi's nose is bleeding. 3:00. Campbell lands a leg kick. Another leg kick. Makdessi front kicks the body, eats a knee to the body. Campbell lands a hard leg kick, eats a counter right, lands a leg kick. Makdessi lands an inside kick. Makdessi stuffs a takedown and lands a hard right, and another to the body, left to the head, and a jab. 2:00 with another right to the body. 2:00 as a huge right drops Campbell, rights under. Has the back, big lefts under, rights, right hammerfists, rights, Campbell standing eating big rights under, more. Makdessi lands a left, right uppercut, a left, big right to the body, a right, Campbell lands two leg kicks. Campbell's wobbly. Makdessi defending a double. Grabs the cage, wow. Campbell switches to a single, eats a few right hammerfists. "Make him work Johnny!" Makdessi lands a body kick and a right. 30. Makdessi gets a single off a kick, lets him up. Campbell lansd a leg kick, eats a right to the body and a left. Makdessi drops him with a right, pounces with rights and lefts, more and more, with seconds left it's stopped, wow! Makdessi went to his knees screaming with joy, then stood still screaming. Limps to his corner to celebrate with them as well. 4:53 R1, seven seconds were left. Wow! Impressive. Makdessi rambling in his interview. "Answer the question!" someone yelled from the crowd. "ANSWER THE QUESTION!" the drunk guy yelled again lol.