Georges St. Pierre is not impressed.


GSP is impressed.

Georges St. Pierre is the former -- and two-time -- UFC welterweight champion, and the former short-lived UFC middleweight champion. He is thought to be perhaps one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport alongside B.J. Penn, Anderson Silva and Fedor Emelianenko.

St. Pierre most recently coached with on the twelth season of TUF and then defended his belt in a rematch against top contender Josh Koscheck. St. Pierre defeated Koscheck via unanimous decision. Throughout the twenty-five minute fight, St. Pierre continually landed jabs and broke Koscheck's right orbital bone.

St. Pierre next defended his welterweight title against former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields. He defeated Shields via yet another unanimous decision.

Feud with Diaz, Knee Injury, Last Few Title DefensesEdit

He was next set to face Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz who returned to the UFC for the bout. Unfortunately, Diaz missed two press conferences before the bout giving no reason for his absence. He was coincidentally pulled from the bout by the UFC management and replaced by St. Pierre's training partner: former WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit. A little over a week before the fight, St. Pierre was forced to pull out with a knee injury and the bout was canceled altogether.

St. Pierre was next scheduled once again to defend his title against Nick Diaz. The winner of THAT fight would defend the title against either Josh Koscheck or Carlos Condit. Unfortunately St. Pierre once again tore his ACL, injuring his knee for the second time. He was forced to pull out of the bout. Rumors began swirling about that St. Pierre might be stripped of the title soon. Condit and Diaz were then set to face off for the interim UFC welterweight title, with St. Pierre agreeing to unify his undisputed title with the interim title once more after his surgery and recovery.

St. Pierre had a very delicate and intense knee surgery midway through December 2011 and it was thankfully deemed a success. St. Pierre was fully recovered by the time November 2012 rolled around and it was time to unify his welterweight crown with the interim welterweight title held by Carlos Condit.

St. Pierre defeated Condit via an exciting unanimous decision, defending his title for the seventh time even as he unified the titles once more.

Rumors abounded about his next fight with a possible superfight against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva or title defenses against contenders Nick Diaz and Johny Hendricks. St. Pierre decided to call out Diaz and if Diaz accepted the fight, it would occur in March 2013 in St. Pierre's own Montreal, Canada.

The fight did indeed take place with a lot of trash talk from Diaz hyping up the pay-per-view sales beforehand to become one of the most anticipated fights of 2013 to that point. The fight turned out as many had expected with St. Pierre on cruise control outwrestling and outjabbing Diaz en route to a twenty-five minute unanimous decision victory. It was St. Pierre's eighth successful title defense.

With the victory, St. Pierre immediately moved on to the next challenger in the spotlight, hard-hitting wrestler Johny Hendricks. Hendricks took the fight to the champion more than any other challenger in his long reign but despite that fact, the judges handed St. Pierre an extremely controversial split decision victory. With the victory St. Pierre passed old rival B.J. Penn for most time spent in the Octagon and passed Anderson Silva for most UFC wins and for most UFC title defenses.


After the fight an emotional and bruised St. Pierre appeared to retire. A little under a month later on December 13, 2013, St. Pierre confirmed that he was vacating the UFC welterweight title that no one could take from him and taking a leave of absence from the sport.

"I've been fighting for a very long time at a high level; a lot of pressure, a lot of criticism," St. Pierre stated at the press conference. "I've decided that i need to take time off; I know the UFC is a business - so I vacate my title for the respect of the other competitors; one day i might come back but right now i need a break. I knew before I was going to do this before my last fight. It just built up fight after fight after fight. Joe Rogan gave me the mic and I know that wasn't the best timing to say it so it came off awkward. I don't want to make people wait for a title shot while I'm retired. One day when I'm ready I'll come back - instead of red tape on my gloves it'll be blue."

When asked if it was because of physical damage over the course of his career, St. Pierre vehemently denied this. "I'm 100%, never felt better physically. It's all mental pressure - I need this. I need to have a normal life for a bit."

Midway through St. Pierre's probable time frame for his 'hiatus', St. Pierre tore his ACL for the second time in late March 2014. The recovery time for the first injury had been a little over a year.

St. Pierre continued to tease fans about a comeback for the next couple of years, until things began to get real when he gained a release from his old UFC contract... and then signed a new one. Talk about a middleweight debut against champion Michael Bisping in 2017 were bandied about for a while, until finally coming to fruition in November of that year at Madison Square Garden.

Return at Middleweight: Making History Edit

St. Pierre and Bisping went back-and-forth over three rounds of fighting, with St. Pierre ultimately emerging victorious with a third-round rear-naked choke submission victory. He was the fourth man in UFC history to win belts in two separate weight classes behind Randy Couture, B.J. Penn and Conor McGregor.

Unfortunately, in early December 2017 St. Pierre was diagnosed with colitis which would prevent him from fighting at middleweight again. He vacated the middleweight title, setting a new dubious record of 'shortest title reign' at just over thirty days.