The fight was Jorge Santiago's return to the UFC.

The FightEdit

The first round began and they touched gloves. Stann pressed forward early. The crowd chanted 'USA.' Stann landed a leg kick. Four thirty-five. Four fifteen as Stann landed an inside kick. He blocked a high kick in return. Four minutes. Stann landed a leg kick. Stann dropped Santiago with an inside kick, more of a slip. Three thirty-five. Santiago landed a leg kick. Stann was cut under the left eye. Three fifteen. Stann landed a leg kick. Three minutes. Santiago missed a right hand. Santiago tried it again. Stann landed a wicked leg kick. Stann blocked a high kick. Two thirty-five. Stann landed a leg kick. Stann landed another leg kick. Two fifteen. The crowd chanted 'USA'. Two minutes. Stann dropped Santiago with a massive left hook. Santiago struggled to get up. Stann landed a right and a left. Two rights. one thirty-five. A right and a left. Another right. A left elbow and two more. Santiago closed guard. Stann landed two rights. Four rights. Two more. One fifteen. Stann landed three big rights. One minute with a right elbow. Another right hand. A big pair of right hands. A left hand. A big left elbow. Thirty-five. Another left elbow and a right hand. A right hammerfist and a right hand. Stann landed a right. Fifteen. Stann landed four big rights. He backed off and let Santiago up. Santiago was wobbly. The first round ended. 10-9 Stann by far. "He's going to try to take you down.'
The second round began. Stann landed an inside kick and another. Santiago tried a single. Stann stuffed it nicely to the clinch. Four thirty as Santiago kneed the body. They broke. Stann landed a wickedly hard leg kick, dropped him with an inside kick and landed a left hand all with four fifteen. Santiago landed a body kick and landed a right. Four minutes. Stann missed an overhand right. The crowd chanted 'USA'. Stann landed a right hand. Three thirty-five as Stann checked an inside kick. Stann stuffed a single easily to the clinch. Three fifteen. They broke. Three minutes. Stann landed a hard leg kick. Stann landed a right uppercut and ate a left hook. Stann landed a spinning back fist and ate a left hook. Two thirty-five. Stann landed an inside kick. Santiago landed a leg kick. Two fifteen. Stann landed a counter right. Two minutes left. Stann landed a leg kick. Santiago blocked a body kick. One thirty-five. Stann landed a crisp left hook there. Santiago came in missing a flying knee and slipped and stood. One fifteen. Stann pressed forward to no avail. He landed a nice leg kick. One minute. Stann landed a hard body kick. He landed a leg kick nicely. Stann landed a counter right dropping Santiago. Thirty-five. Five rights on the ground and it was over. Stann immediately checked on Santiago. He was out though.

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